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LaBeoufs paper-bag art stunt draws curious crowd更多>>
It was found to have paid excessively large consultation fees to experts and to have submitted fake railway tickets when claiming the cost of fares, according to the ministry. 2020-10-18
BEIJING - A program focusing on HIV/AIDS transmission through needle use among drug addicts has made a successful bid for money from a government support fund for social organizations, national newspaper Health News reported on Thursday. 2020-10-7
The international community has suffered too much, [and] too long by these terrorist attacks here and there. 2020-10-17
20, 2012, and hacked Tan to death with the axe. 2020-10-19
Related stories:Shark fin soup leaves bad taste, basketball star saysShark fin soup is cruel: Yao Ming. 2020-10-3
Last week, the bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the top legislature, passed a resolution on the decision, entrusting provincial congresses and their standing committees to make their own calls on implementation. 2020-10-20
However, more than 40 million still live in poverty, which means that in the coming four years, China would have to pull an average of 10 million people each year out of poverty to reach its target of eradicating poverty by 2020, according to the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development. 2020-10-7
China also protested a US Commerce Department decision on Oct 27 to impose preliminary import duties on aluminum foil from China from 96. 2020-10-18
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You can judge that the population is depleting from the loss of orangutan habitats. 2020-10-17
[Full Story]CSRC blames Everbright Securities for spikeA securities commission spokesman said Friday that an abnormal stock market spike seen during Fridays morning trading was mainly caused by a large number of purchase orders sent from Everbright Securities own account. 2020-10-14
The proposal, which will now be submitted to the European Parliament and to the Council, builds on the findings of a broad consultation process that started in 2012 and which included a series of hearings with EU and international experts on organic production. 2015-12-24
The rubber duck designed by artist Florentijn Hofman has gained rave reviews after a recent appearance in Hong Kong. 2016-10-10
Fireworks also fogged up other cities during Spring Festival, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan of Hubei province and Xian of Shaanxi province, reducing the air quality to severely polluted levels. 2018-12-28
The homepage of the new app on Xi Jinpings worksA mobile app has been released that provides free access to the complete writings of President Xi Jinping, including all his e-books and speeches. 2018-2-2
BEIJING - Chinas maritime authority on Tuesday continued to issue an orange wave warning and blue storm tide warning regarding Utor, the 11th typhoon to hit China this year. 2016-3-8
SHENZHEN - The strike at an IBM plant in Shenzhen,in South Chinas Guangdong province, subsided on Tuesday, its ninth day, as some employees accepted a new compensation scheme. 2016-11-15
The vocabulary requirement has also been lowered.
The gun was found under his pillow by a steward when cleaning up the room.
, in order to provide close services to customers.
A Spring Festival gala can be considered good only if the audience finds its content familiar and delightful.
LI XUEREN / XINHUAMemorandum with Australia will expand cooperation at South PoleChina and Australia vowed to deepen cooperation in Antarctica with a memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday.
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1 meters on Friday, according to the bureau.  The missionary also said that he sought to turn the DPRK into a religious nation and destroy its government and political system, while arranging spy activities of the DPRK people after receiving thousands of dollars and orders from the National Intelligence Service (NIS), the ROKs spy agency.
And even more encouraging than all of that is the fact that young people from both sides are much more broadly and deeply engaged with each other, all the time, he said.  To woo Demand from China, many world fashion designers and auto makers are attempting to create series exclusively for Chinese taste, by either employing more Chinese staff or simply relocate R&D centers to the nation.
The ethereal clouds of Mount Huangshan更多>>
Yang Shiqiang, director of the rights department at the Guangdong Womens Federation, said on Monday that more girls had told the federation they were victims of rape and sexual assaults last year, the newspaper reported. 2017-7-25 
In the morning, farmers and vendors packed dogs into cages and transported them to the market for selling. 2015-11-10 
But Putin said that Kiev should focus its effort on involving all regions and political forces in Ukraine in drawing up a new constitution. 2019-3-10 
As thousands of migrants scattered across the Balkan peninsula tried to reach the EU, Hungarys prime minister said his country planned to put up a fence along parts of its border with Croatia and on the frontier with Romania to stem the flow. 2019-1-19 
She moves her fingers along a keyboard-like Braille reading device, while her colleague reads paragraphs aloud at the Beijing-based China Braille Press (CBP). 2016-4-1 
Workers grade fresh ginger at Laiwu Dunsunrise Foods Co Ltd. 2019-9-6 
The alliance will be based on an online platform, zhenhaipifa, which is believed to be the countrys first e-commerce platform to promote wholesale market business. 2018-8-18 
  Xis Latin America trip to usher in new era更多>>
These are high intensity matches and its difficult to qualify. 2018-6-4 
A doctoral program on biological statistics will be established within five years. 2017-1-7 
The quake killed 21 people and injured 57 in Yongguang village, Minxian county, Gansu province. 2015-5-21 
Meanwhile, it added, the related local government would need to report to the State Council a time plan for corrections within one month after the notification of the assessments, which will also be made public. 2019-8-23 
The two provinces have already seen several forest fires in recent days as they have experienced hotter weather and less rainfall, according to the statement. 2015-3-15 
If it has its own products, it will help significantly reduce cost of aircraft purchases, and airlines will be able to raise their profitability and offer cheaper tickets to customers. 2019-5-10 
The thieves removed outside blinds and entered through a bathroom of the historic Briars Park homestead in Mount Martha on Thursday night, the police said. 2015-1-3 
We will always be with the people in Wuhan更多>>
His ratings have risen to their highest in years since Russian forces took over Crimea and Moscow annexed the peninsula after a hastily arranged referendum among its 2 million people. 2015-12-8 
Thumb Environmental, registered in 2000, had been given approval to raise its registered capital from 130 million yuan to 380 million in 2008. 2015-7-6 
The way government uses money has not been challenged before, Tang said. 2017-2-19 
The institute said that it has invested in and launched over 190 technology enterprises and held 120 training activities for more than 15, 000 entrepreneurs. 2017-11-1 
Chinas ban on Microsoft Corps Windows 8 operating system in new government computers was extremely unexpected, the US software giant said. 2019-6-17 
Its never happened in world history, and is very positive for all the members of the planet. 2017-6-17 
Thomassen says there are similarities across the various forms. 2017-2-6 
These regions combined GDP exceeds that of Germany. 2019-9-14 
  Chinas manufacturing activity picks up in August更多>>
Consumers should be informed of how to cancel their accounts without unreasonable conditions. 2015-8-28 
Madoff Investment Securities in 1968, seeking a career as a secretary. 2016-8-7 
I think that in the last 10 years we have seen an increase in terrorism, we have seen the unraveling of the Middle East, and all the pressures but thats putting on Western countries. 2017-1-21 
PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY Shanghais largest display of space lotus flowers in history opens this month. 2016-4-8 
And when we finally arrived at our destination, it was a totally unfamiliar environment to her. 2019-4-5 
The resources from all parties and policy instruments are power factors that can help form new and creative decision outcomes and support tools. 2016-3-19 
The former England captain, 38, made the announcement shortly after winning the Ligue 1 title with French giants Paris Saint-Germain, which made him the first Englishman to win league championships in four different countries. 2019-12-7 
BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrates its 91st founding anniversary on Sunday. 2015-3-10 
A new perspective on dreams of the 90s更多
Premier Li visits the State Hermitage Museum更多
  Related Stories:Rare wares from Han Dynasty graveAncient tombs unearthed in north ChinaShaanxi caves were ancient burial tombs. The country is ready to challenge the world in sports and with such world class facility, only time will tell, said Kabando. According to Ofo, one of the major bike-sharing companies, the usage frequency of its bikes increased by 15 percent during the National Day holiday. It is available at Xian Fanzhuang restaurant. According to Cheng, the 2017 CIFTIS will show more than 1,000 projects in the Africa-themed exhibition.
  It was deemed necessary to set up such a team to prepare for possible terrorist attacks. The gang was active in Sichuan and Guangdong provinces and smuggled drugs from Guangdong and sold them in Sichuan and Shanxi provinces and Chongqing municipality, police said. But he has since slipped back, leaving Hollande 10 or more points ahead in surveys for the deciding runoff. Rural teachers and students face formidable challenges.